Save your time with automated reports

Enjoy knowing that Bookings Office is doing all the hard work just for you, leaving you with more time to do what you want.

Your time is precious. Not only do you have to manage guests and staff but you also have to prepare the paperwork. We can help you save time by doing all the tedious reports automatically for you. Don’t waste your time, let Bookings Office do everything for you.

Auto email messages to guest before arrival, during and after

You will never need to compose and send standard emails manually anymore. Just setup your email message templates and notify  guests before and during their stay of any important updates. Re-market to your guests when they leave for potential positive reviews and return visits.

Automated reminders

Need your guests, staff or even yourself to be notified of anything? You can set a reminder to be sent anytime of the day and and night.

Automatic reports via email, even to tour providers

No need to manually prepare reports anymore. Let Bookings Office collect any information during the booking process and automatically send email reports to either yourself, staff, accountants or even tour operators.

Automated yield management

Allow those that want to spend more to spend more. Not all beds have to be represented the same way and not all people earn the same money and have the same characteristics.

Automated SEO improvement every day

We can help your SEO improve everyday, let us increase your search engine results and watch the extra bookings come in.

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