Security features

Feel safe knowing your data is always with you even if you go offline

We know the feeling. Sometimes systems go down and thats when you panic. Internet connection is never 100% reliable but with Bookings Office software you are guaranteed to be able to keep your office running. Your data is your data, even in the worst of situations.

Data not lost if computer crashes or internet is down

Never lose your data – Bookings are available for you to see and process regardless if your internet access is down. Booking data is seemlessly synchronised to both the cloud and your local computers. If there is any connectivity issues your new data will simply be synchronised when your internet connection is restored. What is most important is that you can always checkin and checkout guests independent of internet issues.

Secure cloud technology synchronises and backs-up your reservations

Although your reservation data is also stored on your computer we still backup your data for disaster recovery. Our disaster recovery is instant and faster than if you had to rely on in-house IT specialists. If you have a new computer and do not have the download codes with you then just contact us with proof of your ID and we will have your new computer functioning with your software within minutes.

Synchronisation Frequency

Bookings Office software synchronises with all agents every minute of every day without you noticing any CPU or bandwidth constraints.

Our Cloud

We use the most advanced Cloud data management technique so your bookings, cancelations, prices and allocations  are multidirectional synchronised every minute of every day . If you use software that uses legacy synchronisation or a third party solution then they may only synchronise data at set times every day and may not allow you to provide 100% allocation without risk of double bookings. With legacy old style systems you could have arrivals at your hostel before you are informed of their booking.

Around the Clock 24/7 Cloud Rectification

Agents don’t provide the 7 days a week support we provide our users. When agents are closed then ask us. There is no extra fee for support as it is included in the base monthly fee. If you feel you need around the clock 24/7 worldwide on call support then it is available to be contracted but as of 2017 not one user has seen a need to pay for extra support.

Management access levels

Restrict administration areas with different security levels. Allows you to be in total control of your system whilst giving staff access to only those areas that they need to work with.

Integrated ID key

We provide a higher level of secure access to the software via a staff ID key that works similar to how you access your own internet bank account.

Audit trail of every single edit

Keep track of every single change, addition or deletion – complete user transparency means you know exactly what has been done and by whom and when.

Lock data once sent to accountant

An option to use an extra level of reconcilliation so that once all edits are done by the manager then all remaining bookings are given sequential numbers to be locked in and sent to your accountant.

Payment processing over secure connection

All payment processes are conducted over a secure connection giving both you and your customers the peace of mind knowing any sensitive information cannot be intercepted.

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