Digital Nomad Freelancer

Introduce our software to an accommodation provider

as you travel. Then you will be rewarded $500.

What We Do.

We enable accommodation providers globally to be more efficient so they provide a better service at a better price with less effort and make more profit. Our software is focused towards the traveller so they are treated as a human in the booking process and not as a number. As an example the software keeps groups of friends together in one booking, in one room, without room changes during their stay.

We can not travel as much as we like so we open this opportunity to you to have the chance to earn $500 for each successful introduction as you travel. An introduction is defined as a successful introduction and that means the end result is the software is used and BookingsOffice receives the full payment from the accommodation provider (You are not to seek or take any payment for the software from the accommodation provider).  We will happily get involved with the sales process and do our best to gain the new user. No matter how much we are involved you will still be paid $500 if you deliver the required information for us to have a pre-introduced discussion with the manager of the accommodation provider.

Why You Are Introducing Top Quality Software.

  1. We have existing software users all over the world that assist you have reference sites.
  2. We have been in business since 2001.
  3. We are the only reservation management software provider in the world providing installed software for Apple Mac. Also installable on Windows and Linux or any combination. This means that accommodation providers on tropical islands love this software because it continues to function even if their internet connection fails.
  4. We have an in built channel manager that provides direct integration with many Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) such as and Hostelworld. Most other PMS – Property Management Software uses a third party channel manager that is an extra cost to the accommodation provider.
  5. The software comes with its in-built credit card processing acquirer and this is very important to many accommodation providers that can not get a credit card terminal from their local bank. Furthermore, the money debited in the software is remitted to any bank account entered by the accommodation provider.
  6. The software has in-built customer relationship management (CRM) as it sends emails automatically to assist guests be informed of all the discounts and opportunities the accommodation providers has pre arranged. Also, receipts are emailed to guests preventing printing expense. Tour providers are auto informed about tour participants. Cleaning staff are auto informed of what beds and rooms need attending to. With one mouse click reception can send any information commonly requested by guests.
  7. The software has an integrated booking engine for the website of the accommodation provider. It can sell beds and or rooms at prices lower than the OTA’s. It also promotes and can pre sell tours and activities.
  8. There is an integrated ID scanner that auto populates guest data. This is very popular with accommodation providers dealing with a surge of arrivals off of a boat or bus.
  9. Although we have an inbuilt channel manager we are also integrated with third party channel managers of Site Minder and MyAllocator. So if you meet an accommodation provider using these channel managers then we make it very easy for them to start using our software.
  10. Training films are online so you can learn what we do and accommodation providers can be confident staff can self train. All support for users is done by us

See your business card below. Click here to download a printable version you can get printed at your local printing business.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once the new user pays for a year usage then Dean Strautins (software owner) sends you A$500 via Paypal. Considering that the smallest accommodation providers pay around 60 euros a month then this is a very generous commission.  Be aware that once we receive the 300 euro one time setup fee from the accommodation provider we will still most likely give them a month or two to get fully setup with the software before we will send them the 12 months invoice. But some users pay the license fee for 12 months very quickly. Then without delay Dean Strautins will send you A$500 for the successful introduction.

The property must reply to Dean within a month taking steps towards use of the software. eg. An answer from the property that they would like to have a detailed discussion some months later is good enough. If the property does not start using the software within a year of your introduction email then your introduction expires so no $500 payment for this property is possible.

Tools To Your Success.

You are representing our world class top quality software. But you need to find your way to give confidence to the manager of the accommodation to proceed to use this software. Some people can achieve this very easily. Existing users of the software can gain new users easier than staff of BookingsOffice because they have credibility as an accommodation provider using the software reliant on the software for their financial survival. Within a month of Erin and Byron finding out about this commission opportunity they spoke to the hostel owner at and that owner has started using the software. Erin and Byron received their $500 in August 2018.

This web page is not found on the main menu of this website so to help you have credibility with what you do you could have the manager open this page to see that you are a legitimate BookingsOffice Freelancer. Don’t worry that the Accommodation Provider may contact us direct. As long as you register the property name and as many details as possible that we request below then you will be paid your $500.

To help you explain the advantage of this software you need to watch the films linked to in point 10 above. This software has been globally marketed as HostelOffice successfully for years. Now the BookingOffice brand is open to you so you can promote the software to more accommodation providers than just hostels.

You can see some existing users of our software that know us as HostelOffice. They all use one of our TWO types of booking engines in their website so you can be confident this is a list of real users:  The most iconic Hotel in Amsterdam , Home Backpacker in London , City Hostel Seattle in the USA , Seaside Hawaiian Hostel in the USA , Board Rider Backpackers in Sydney Australia , Alcatraz Backpackers in Berlin , Ideal Hostel in Barcelona Spain , Charles Bridge in Prague Czech Republic , Hostel Gran Canaria Spain , Gili Mansion on Gili Trawangan island Bali , Rado Hostel Santiago Chile , Vagabond Mont Blanc France , Riverhouse Backpackers Cardiff Wales , Lost Inn Lisbon hostel Portugal , Gianni House Sicily Italy ,   Akureryi Backpackers Reykjavik Iceland , Mosquito Hostel Krakow Poland , Island Hostel Boracay in the Phillipines , and many more.

If you find a group of properties wanting to use our software then not only will you get $500 for each property, we will also create a single booking website for them all free of charge to assist them capture more bookings. EG   and  and



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